Petrol Station Cleaning

When it comes to service station or petrol station cleaning you need to seek help from a professional pressure cleaning company. The Jet Co are experts in cleaning these kinds of commercial facilities. Contact us today to get started!

Petrol Station Cleaning Sydney

Best Service Station Pressure Washing

Petrol Station Cleaning Sydney

Petrol stations are among the most used facilities when it comes to commercial properties. Pressure washing removes the automotive fluids, oil stains and other debris that accumulates on these high traffic concrete surfaces. Some of the common surfaces we routinely pressure wash at service stations and petrol stations include parking areas, refuelling areas, canopies, sidewalks, bin areas and the building itself.

With routine pressure cleaning, your service station will feel a lot more inviting and comfortable for your customers. The parking areas and sidewalks will also become more visible and safer to walk on, as we remove slippery substances. There are a number of protocols that we follow to ensure we safely clean your fuel station. This includes protecting fuel pumps from water damage, temporarily blocking off sections that are being cleaned, and setting boundaries to protect both customers and vehicles during operation.

Why Choose Us

What Makes The Jet Co DIFFERENT?

At The Jet Co, we like to do things a little differently. Beginning with our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, along with our industry leading state of the art equipment.


Eco Friendly Chemicals

Our experienced team understand the importance of looking after the environment. Our chemical mixtures are not only powerful, they’re also safe!


High Pressure Jet

We only use state of the art commercial grade equipment to provide you with a 4000 PSI high pressure steam wash along with the strong yet safe chemical soft wash.


Attention To Detail

Precision is at the forefront of what we do!

Service Station Cleaning Sydney

At The Jet Co, we are experts in pressure washing petrol stations in Sydney, NSW. We have developed tried and true methods that allow us to deliver spotlessly clean results whilst getting the job done quickly with minimal interruptions to your business.

We have cleaned various commercial facilities across Sydney, and we would be happy to provide you with references of our work. Contact our friendly team today for a free consultation or for any questions about our cleaning process.

Our Guarantee To You When Providing Petrol Station Pressure Washing Sydney

  • We have the equipment, experience, know-how and skills to deliver quick, safe and effective petrol station cleaning solutions.
  • Our experienced cleaners will come to your service station fully geared up, fully insured and all set to clean your outdoor surfaces.
  • We use strong yet environmentally friendly cleaning detergents, making sure the job gets done correctly whilst protecting your surfaces and landscape.
  • Our professionals can fully eradicate nasty substances such as dirt, grime, gunk, grease, car fluids and oil stains.
  • We are on call 7 days a week and also at night. We can organise a time to clean your petrol station that best suits your needs to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.
  • Our petrol station cleaning services help extend the lifespan of your painted and concrete surfaces by eliminating harmful toxins like mould and mildew, that result in damage over time.
  • Our services also help improve the appearance of your petrol station, making it more appealing for customers.
  • Our petrol station cleaning solutions also help improve the value of your commercial property.

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