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The Jet Co offers specialised pressure washing for a large range of exterior surface areas. Whether you need cleansing at your home or commercial property, we can do it all. Our pressure washers in Balgowlah work with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that is designed to clean multiple exterior surfaces safely, quickly and effectively. Private homeowners, company owners and property managers can benefit from our service. Have dirt, grime, grease, mould and mildew accumulation, graffiti and building residue successfully eliminated from your building.

With our group of knowledgeable, specialist exterior cleaners, combined with our commercial pressure cleaning machines and our drive to offer the most effective service possible, our company believe we can clean up all kinds of surfaces to a level that exceeds your expectations.


Why Should I get my Property Pressure Cleaned?

  • Rapidly and safely eliminates dirt, grime, grease, mould, mildew and stains from your home
  • Makes your property more enticing and welcoming – extremely helpful for businesses
  • Extends the lifespan of your exterior surfaces
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning approach
  • Removes harmful contaminants which help prevent damage to your home
  • Keeps your outdoor areas in excellent condition – devoid of bacteria and germs
  • Boosts your property value
  • Improves your curbside appeal
Pressure Cleaning Balgowlah - Pressure Washing Balgowlah

Pressure Washing FAQs

What is soft washing?

Soft washing utilizes a low-pressure water spray along with specialised chemical solutions to clean fragile surfaces like roofs, sidings and walls. The low pressure helps prevent damage to the surface areas being cleaned, and the chemical agents are eco friendly and naturally degradable. The detergents we utilize at The Jet Co are extremely reliable at getting rid of and killing mould, grime, algae and mildew.

Do you offer free estimates?

Absolutely! We provide free quotes and site inspections. The Jet Co uses satellite imagery to quote.

How often does most surfaces require power washing?

Many surfaces will require pressure cleaning yearly. Aspects like the type of surface, its condition, foot traffic and the local Balgowlah climate can also impact how regularly pressure washing is required. For example, areas that experience lots of rain may require pressure washing every 6 months as it can result in quick mould and mildew development.

Can pressure washing harm my surfaces?

This might be a problem if you are working with inexperienced pressure cleaners or are doing the job yourself. With The Jet Co, you do not have to worry. Our specialists are equipped with leading edge equipment and highly skilled with years of experience cleaning all kinds of surface areas. We will identify what cleaning detergents will be needed and what water pressure should be used to safely and effectively clean your surfaces when we inspect your Balgowlah property.

How long does a pressure washing job generally take?

The time it takes to carry out a job depends upon the size and complexity of the building. Generally, houses take about 2-4 hours to finish, while industrial properties can require an entire day or more. As soon as we inspect your residential or commercial property, we will let you know how long your task will approximately take.


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Balgowlah is a suburb in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney. For several years, The Jet Co has been offering exterior cleaning services to Balgowlah and the rest of Northern Beaches. We wish to provide Balgowlah locals and business owners the opportunity to acquire affordable pressure cleaning and soft washing services. Our pressure cleaning professionals also serve other areas in Northern Beaches like Belrose, Brookvale, Clontarf, Collary and more. To find out more on what locations we serve, feel free to call us.

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