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Keeping your fence clean not only boosts your property’s curb appeal but also extends the life of your fence. At The Jet Co Pressure Cleaning Sydney, we understand the impact a pristine fence makes, which is why we’ve compiled this guide on how to pressure wash a fence like a pro!

Assess Your Fence

Before unleashing the power of a high-pressure washer, we believe your fence should be inspected thoroughly first. Look out for any signs of damage like loose boards or protruding nails that may require repairs. Pressure washing can make existing problems worse if it’s not done beforehand.

Select the Right Equipment & Tools

To the best of our knowledge, the choice of equipment significantly affects the outcome:

Pressure Washer: A gas or electric washer with 1500 to 2000 PSI is adequate.

Nozzles: Use a 25-degree nozzle for general washing and a 15-degree nozzle for tougher areas.

Cleaning Solution: A specialised fence cleaner can help break down grime and mildew.

Prioritise Safety

Safety is paramount, we recommend the following:

Protective Gear: Wear goggles, gloves, and non-slip shoes.

Clear the Area: Remove any objects near the fence to avoid damage.

Prep Work: Pre-wet surrounding plants and cover them with a tarp to protect against any runoff.

Fence Pressure Cleaning Process

Prepare Cleaning Solution: Prepare your cleaning solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Apply Cleaner: Using a low-pressure setting, apply the cleaner from the bottom up to prevent streaks.

Let it Sit: Allow the solution to sit for at least 10-15 minutes, but don’t let it dry completely.

Pressure Washing: Start from the top and move down, maintaining a consistent distance to avoid uneven cleaning and damage.

Rinsing: Thoroughly rinse the fence with water to remove all cleaner residues.

Tips for Pressure Washing A Fence

  • Keep the nozzle moving to avoid damaging the wood.
  • Overlap each stroke to ensure you don’t miss a spot.
  • Adjust pressure for different types of fences – vinyl and wood have different tolerances.
  • Once done inspect the fence for any missed spots or areas that need a touch-up.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fence’s Condition

From our experience, a lot of people neglect maintenance. To preserve your fence and keep it in good condition, follow these steps:

Re-sealing: Once your fence has been pressure cleaned thoroughly and has dried, apply a sealant to protect the wood from moisture and UV rays.

Regular Inspections: Check your fence periodically for signs of mould or mildew, especially after rain.

Touch-Up Cleaning: Spot clean as necessary to maintain the appearance.

Why Choose The Jet Co Pressure Cleaning Sydney

At The Jet Co Pressure Cleaning Sydney, we specialize in revitalising all types of fences to their former glory – from timber fences to metal fences to modular walls. Our expertise ensures that:

  • We use the right pressure settings for your fence’s material.
  • We avoid water damage to your lawn and plants.
  • We deliver a thorough and even cleaning without the “zebra striping” that DIY jobs often leave.
  • We get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Get a Free, Instant Quote for Fence Cleaning Today

Pressure cleaning a fence can be a rewarding DIY project, but for those who prefer a professional touch, The Jet Co Pressure Cleaning Sydney is here to help. Our skilled technicians ensure your fence is not just clean but protected and preserved for the years to come.

Ready to have your fence look like new? Call us on 02 9072 1991 or enquire online to get your free quote!

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