Factory Floor Cleaning

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Factory Floor Cleaning Sydney

#1 Factory Pressure Washing Sydney

Factory Floor Cleaning Sydney

The Jet Co has the expertise and equipment to tackle all kinds of factory pressure cleaning jobs. Our technicians are trained with the latest cleaning processes, safety standards and technology to ensure we provide safe, thorough and professional services. We are also able to navigate through your factory, working around machinery, without causing any damage.

We understand that cleanliness is essential for a safe and productive work environment and we are proud of our abilities to deliver high-quality results. We will work quickly and efficiently to make your factory floors and walls look new again. Along with factory floors, we can also clean machinery workshops, exhibition centres, showroom floors and car parks.

Why Choose Us

What Makes The Jet Co DIFFERENT?

At The Jet Co, we like to do things a little differently. Beginning with our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, along with our industry leading state of the art equipment.


Eco Friendly Chemicals

Our experienced team understand the importance of looking after the environment. Our chemical mixtures are not only powerful, they’re also safe!


High Pressure Jet

We only use state of the art commercial grade equipment to provide you with a 4000 PSI high pressure steam wash along with the strong yet safe chemical soft wash.


Attention To Detail

Precision is at the forefront of what we do!

Custom Factory Floor Cleaning Solutions

Restoring factory floors is one of the most common tasks we handle when it comes to industrial cleaning. Industrial floors usually accumulate a build-up of grime and grease which leads to deterioration. Our specialised pressure cleaning solution is the most effective and efficient way to clean and restore your floors, much better than other methods like mopping, sweeping and scrubbing.

Different surfaces require different solutions. Whether you have concrete, steel, tiled or paved floors, we will provide you with a custom solution to provide optimal results. Contact us today if you want a cleaner and safer workplace.

Our Guarantee To You When Providing Factory Floor Cleaning Sydney

  • Our industrial floor cleaning team have the proficiency, knowledge and experience to restore floors from all kinds of factories and warehouses.
  • Our team is available 7 days a week, we are versatile and can work around your schedule. We can also work in the evening to ensure minimal disruptions to your workplace. Find out operating hours here.
  • We will visit your factory completely geared up, fully certified and all set to clean your surfaces.
  • We can eliminate the toughest of dirt, grime and grease buildup from a variety of surfaces.
  • Our factory floor cleaning Sydney services help extend the life of your factory floors by getting rid of harmful substances that bring on damage over time.
  • We help improve the appearance and safety of your factory floors, preventing accidents and making your workplace more productive.
  • We have developed proven safety systems to keep us and your staff safe at all times.
  • Our team employs environment-friendly cleaning processes and products.

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