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Need high pressure washing for your Malabar home or business? Whether you need pressure cleaning at home or at your business property, we can provide tailored services to best fulfil your needs. Contact us today to get your Complimentary Quote!


Professional & Affordable Pressure Cleaning Malabar

Save Money – We offer the most competitive pressure washing pricing in Malabar, guaranteed.

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Premium Quality Services – Our services are trusted by many local homeowners and businesses as we use the highest quality tools and products to complete the job to your satisfaction.

The Jet Co provides specialised pressure cleaning for a vast array of exterior surface areas. Whether you require cleaning at your home or company, we can do it all. Our pressure cleaners in Malabar work with advanced cleaning equipment that are developed to clean many outside surfaces safely, promptly and efficiently. Private property owners, company owners and property managers can take advantage of our service. Have mould, mildew, moss, algae, dust, dirt build-up, graffiti and building residue properly blasted away from your building.

With our team of experienced, specialist exterior cleaners, combined with our industrial pressure cleaning machines and our drive to offer the most reliable service possible, we believe we can clean up all kinds of surfaces to a level above your expectations.


What kind of Surfaces can be Cleaned by Washing?

We can clean most outside surface areas with our reliable pressure cleaning services. Our pro pressure cleaners have the machinery, know-how, skillset and expertise to pressure clean a wide variety of surfaces. Here are some of the most popular surfaces we clean:

  • Driveways
  • Exterior house wash
  • Pathways
  • Patios
  • Brick walls
  • Painted exterior surface areas
  • Tiled & paved surfaces
  • Exterior furniture
  • Siding & fencing
  • + More
Pressure Cleaning Malabar - Pressure Washing Malabar

Pressure Cleaning FAQs

What is pressure cleaning?

Pressure washing, also known as power cleaning, is the application of a high-pressure water spray to clean outside surfaces. It is effective for a range of surfaces.

What services do you offer in Malabar?

The Jet Co delivers only the best pressure cleaning services in Malabar. We can help you with pressure cleaning, driveway cleaning, soft washing, brick cleaning, graffiti removal, deck cleaning, window cleaning and much more. For superior quality and effective pressure washing services, choose us!

How frequently should I get house washing for my home?

Usually, house washing services should be conducted every 1-2 years to avoid builtup dirt and gunk from harming your residential or commercial property. Our team has perfected our house washing Malabar service. We ensure our house washing lasts by using the best quality chemicals and cleaning strategies. You can rely on our licensed specialists to make your property shine again!

Can pressure washing harm my property?

This might be a problem if you are dealing with inexperienced pressure cleaners or are doing the job yourself. With The Jet Co, you do not have to fret. Our specialists are geared with cutting edge machinery and highly trained with years of experience cleaning all kinds of surface areas. We will determine what cleaning detergents may be required and what water pressure should be used to safely and successfully clean your surface areas when we assess your Malabar building.

How long does a pressure cleaning job normally take?

The length of time it takes to undertake a job depends upon the size and complexity of the residential or commercial property. Usually, homes take approximately 2-4 hours to finish, while industrial buildings can take a whole day or even more. We will give you an accurate estimate of how much time your task will roughly take once we inspect your building.


#1 Pressure Cleaning Malabar

Malabar is a suburb in the Eastern Suburbs region of Sydney. For several years, The Jet Co has been supplying external cleaning services to Malabar and the rest of Eastern Suburbs. We wish to provide Malabar citizens and businesses the opportunity to receive premium pressure cleaning and soft washing services. Our pressure cleaning experts also provide for other areas in Eastern Suburbs like Matraville, Millers Point, Moore Park, North Bondi and more. To learn more about what areas we serve, feel free to call us.

Don’t hesitate! Book your Pressure Cleaning Malabar Service today! To arrange your session or to acquire a complimentary estimate, please Call 02 9072 1991 or fill out our online enquiry form below. We cover all Sydney suburbs, all of Eastern Suburbs including Malabar and surrounding areas.

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